Drone Parachute Systems, Are They Worth It?

If you want a FAA waiver they are!

DroneDJ is reporting that ParaZero has now reached 100 FAA waivers  issued to companies utilizing the ParaZero parachute drone security system. The parachute system enables trips over people as well as beyond visual line of vision (BVLOS) flights. The number of FAA waivers is up from only 45 being issued as of October last year. According to the DroneDJ post, the waivers have been provided to 100 business around the US who have equipped drones with a parachute system from ParaZero, making certain that if anything goes wrong, the drone and also the people below it will be secure.

Before June 2019, waivers for operations over human beings, were considered one of the most coveted and difficult to secure since the FAA restricts all UAS flight over unprotected people under the Part 107 rule. This limitation is necessary for the safety of the public underneath, but it has inhibited the growth of the industry as it prevents drones from flying in urban or populated areas where drones could be of valuable use. The only way to gain permission for flights over people is to obtain a waiver from the FAA.  Prior to the implementation of drone parachute systems this type of waiver was rarely approved.

ParaZero’s ASTM F3322-18 compliant SafeAir Phantom + Professional Kit was a game changer for the industry as it opened the door to the first off-the-shelf replicable and scalable solution for operations over people. ParaZero’s ASTM compliant SafeAir Mavic + Professional Kit, that was launched shortly after, increased the interest and reach of the solution. On September 16th, 2019 ParaZero celebrated 20 approved ops over people waivers with our systems, today, we are excited to announce that ParaZero has since doubled the number of approved waivers. Waiver #40 was approved this morning for the Hollywood Bowl”, according to Parazero’s blog post.

Other drone parachute companies are Fruity Chutes, Dronechute, and Mars Parachutes.


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