“Know Before You Fly”: North Texas Community Steps Up to Provide Drone Flyers with Resources

Government agencies, community based organizations, professional drone pilots, or manned aircraft management – almost all drone industry stakeholders agree that getting new recreational and professional drone operators the resources they need to understand the rules and fly safely is a huge challenge.

The North Texas UAS Safety and Integration Task Force is stepping up with sponsors including WomenandDrones, AUVSI Lonestar, and drone industry solution providers to provide a free “Know Before You Fly” training workshop for new drone flyers.

According to their website, “The North Central Texas Council of Governments has convened the North Texas Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Safety and Integration Task Force to help mitigate reckless UAS operation and promote the safe integration of UAS technology into the DFW regional airspace. The Task Force is comprised of public-sector representatives at the federal, state, and local levels as well as private-sector representatives from the Aviation and UAS Industries, Academia, Military, and others. ”

As enforcement continues to be an issue at the federal level and resource constraints make getting the word out about responsible drone use challenging, the drone industry in North Texas is doing their part.

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