Police Use Drone to Save Blind Man in Connecticut Forest

This is a stunning drones for good story – yet another example of drones saving lives.  Drones are undeniably an incomparable tool for search and rescue missions.  Not only can they cover maximum area quickly, when equipped with thermal imaging payloads drones can continue a search through the nighttime hours.

In this latest example, a 62 -year old blind man who was reported missing was located in the woods by a police drone on Saturday after having been missing for about 33 hours. The Enfield, Connecticut police department posted a statement about the event as well as a drone video of recuers making their way to the man on Facebook.

On 2/15/20, the missing man’s brother contacted the police department after he had been missing for more than 24 hours.  Based on previous information, the family feared that the man had wandered from his home and become disoriented – a dangerous situation in a New England winter.  “Due to the temperature, there was concern about hypothermia and it was clear that time was of the essence for a successful outcome,” said the Enfield Police statement.  “Vernon CT Police Department was contacted for assistance and a drone pilot from Vernon PD responded from home to assist.”

That drone was instrumental in the rescue.  “After approximately 30 minutes of searching, the male party was located by the Vernon Officer via drone approximately 100 yards into the woods, down an embankment, hidden from view,” said the statement.

The victim had been outside for approximately 33 hours, surviving overnight temps of 9 degrees Fahrenheit.  After he had been located by the drone, the man was reached by community emergency services personnel and carried out of the area to be evaluated at a local hospital.  “The Enfield Police Department is extremely grateful for the support of the Vernon, CT Police Department, Enfield Fire Department, Thompsonville Fire Department, Enfield EMS and Enfield Housing Authority to bring this event to a successful resolution,” says the Enfield Police statement.

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